Ultradry- Drying Range Machine



  • Drying of fabric at high steam pressure.
  • Belt drive for cylinder.
  • Inverter drive for perfect synchronisation of cylinder dryer.
  • 2 Bowl or 3 Bowl Mangle to be attached with cylinder dryer.
  • Any fabric of 70 GSM to 450 GSM can be successfully dried.
  • Indirect drying using stainless steel cylinders.
  • Suitable for one or two sided drying of all type of fabrics.
  • High efficiency method for intermediate or final drying.

Optional Accessories

  • Teflon coating on drying cylinders.

Technical Details

Cylinder width 1200 to 3600 mm
No of cylinders per stack 2 to maximum 20
Cylinder diameter 762 or 800 mm
Drive Belt drive individual or Alternate motor drive
Speed 10 to 120 meters / min
Frames (Stacks) In Mild Steel & I Beam Structure