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Capto Engineering Co

Welcome to Capto Engineering Co.

CAPTO engineering co. provides a range of engineering solution to the textile chemical and environment sectors.

Capto is engaged in manufacturing machinery for different discipline like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Polymer and Environment.

Capto engineering initiated with the production house in the year of 1968 having its head office in surat, Gujarat, India. The company is having Two units of manufacturing. One unit spread in 5000 sq. Meter and the other in 2500 sq. meter with wide range of latest machinery for quality products. Capto having its own R & D and designing departments, Capto engineering co. provides sustained salutation in chemicals, textiles and pollution control equipments and it started way back of 1968 by Mr Thakorbhai Patel.

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Textile Dyeing & Printing Machinery
Chemical Pharmaceutical Machinery

Product Range

Vapofix Loop Steamer Curing Polymerising Machine

Vapofix-Loop Steamer Curing / Polymerising Machine

The presented range of Curing / Polymerising Machine is widely used for fixation of different dyes on fabric that can be done by the process of polymerization in a hot air at 160°C.

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Smartflow Stenter Machine

Smartflow-Stenter Machine

Entry section consists of cloth tension device, centering device for keeping fabric in centre with respect to 3BPM or 2BPM or both with a pneumatic compensator. 3BPM consists of 2 dip and 2 nip system.

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Washomat Continuous Multi Chamber Open Width Rope Form Washing Machine

Washomat-Continuous Multi Chamber Open Width/Rope Form Washing Machine

The Washing line has been designed specially for tension-less washing of fabric. All the driven rolls are powered by constant load motor with adjustable speeds.

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Optilus Continuous Chainless Mercerising Machine

Optilus-Continuous Chainless Mercerising Machine

Capto Mercerising machines have been built incorporating vast experience of more than 45 years of building machines. In addition, the new machines also take into consideration the latest & new findings of hot mercerization.

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Ecoprint Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine

Ecoprint-Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine

Flat Bed Printing Machine, Screen Printing Machine, Auto Trolley, PLC hydraulic lifting, Auto head, Re-condition Flat Bed Printing Machine, Flot Dryer, Double Servo, Single Servo and all types of VFD.

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Ultradry Drying Range Machine

Ultradry-Drying Range Machine

Drying of fabric at high steam pressure.
Belt drive for cylinder.
Inverter drive for perfect synchronisation of cylinder dryer.
2 Bowl or 3 Bowl Mangle to be attached with cylinder dryer.

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Capshine 7 Bowl Calender Machine

Capshine-7 Bowl Calender Machine

The Calender machine gives both side silky, smoothness, evenness & luster finish.
Running Speed : 5 - 50 meters / min
Pressure : 5 - 60 tonnes
Temperature : < 70° C

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Rotowash Rotary Drum Washer

Rotowash-Rotary Drum Washer

The machine rotating drum washer is equipped with a drum, as the name implies, where the pieces are placed. This works with vertical rotary drum, which means that the parts are constantly moving,

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Unijet Fabric Dyeing Machine

Unijet-Fabric Dyeing Machine

Fabric dyeing Machine is defined as an efficient heat exchanger required for fast heating and cooling procedure. Finest grade of stainless steel is used for the fabrication of machine for optimal dye liquor circulation.

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